Our mobile warehouse is very versatile. Solidly built, it measures 8’ x 8 ’x 16’. Its translucent ceiling lets light through. Its floor can withstand 10,000 pounds. It is 100% waterproof and safe in adverse weather. It is also secure since it is lockable.

Why do i need a DepoBox?

Example of use


Much more efficient than borrowing your brother-in-law’s truck, the Depobox allows you to load your belongings and furniture at your own pace. Moreover, you need not stress about driving, since we take care of the transport of the container to your new address.

Instead of moving your belongings, Depobox them!


Storing your furniture during renovations is always a challenge. The Depobox helps you take on the challenge with ease and efficiency. Free up your space, and insure your furniture is not damaged by storing it in a Depobox. We will deliver the mobile warehouse for the duration of your work, so your things stay dry, safe and out of the way.


Do you temporarily need additional space? Whether it is because you are between homes, moving in with your new loved one or because your business is stepping into your personal space, our Depoboxes are the ideal solution to get the space you need for a short time period. It is a flexible and affordable solution, perfect for any situation.

No matter what you need, contact us. We can help.