How much is a ton in a container?

A ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds. With dry materials (construction/renovation waste), 1 ton is the equivalent of about 5 yards3. However, when it comes to loose material (sand, soil, bricks), 5 yards3 is rather equivalent to 4 or 5 tons.

Do you drop off the renovation container directly on my paved driveway? Could this damage it?

We can install the container wherever you wish for it to be installed. No matter the place, we make sure to place our renovation containers on logs in order not to damage the surface on which they lie.

How long can I keep a renovation container?

Renovation container rentals are generally made for 7 days or less (sometimes for only one day). Simply contact us once the container is full or your work is finished, and we will gladly pick it up.


Do I have to fill up the Depobox mobile warehouse as soon as I receive it?

Not at all. Since you are renting it by the day, you can stretch the time of your rental as you see fit. Once you are finished, simply contact us and we will pick up the Depobox, thus freeing your entryway.

Are the Depobox mobile warehouses safe?

Our Depoboxes are sturdy and resistant to bad weather. In order to secure your belongings, you have the option to lock the door yourself with a padlock. This way, you will be the only one able to access it.

What can be stored in a Depobox mobile warehouse?

A Depobox can store the equivalent of a large 3 ½ or small 4 ½ apartment. Therefore, you can store your furniture, appliances, belongings of all sorts, tools, and whatever else in it. However, you may not store chemical products, or oil and fuel containers.


Is the Expobox long to set up?

Not at all. It can be set up by two people, making it ready to fill with your equipment in less than 5 minutes. Simply unlock, add stabilizing bars on the side panels, give a little push upwards and there you go! Your Expobox is now open and ready to use.

If my event is spread over many days, can I safely leave my stand on site?

Yes, rest assured. The Expobox is sturdy and safe. If you must leave your stand (booth, bar, restaurant, etc.) on site while being away, you can simply lock it. The front door can be secured with a padlock, while the side door can be locked with a key.

What are the possible uses of an Expobox?

The Expobox is very versatile. It can be used during festivals of all kinds, and can serve as a bar, mobile restaurant, store, and much more. It can also be useful during all other types of events as an exposition stand. Thanks to its size, the Expobox will certainly make your product stand out, no matter the event.