Our guarantee

With over 2,000 rentals per month, Renobox is undoubtedly a leader in its field. And it is not by sheer luck! Our superior standards of quality and service have allowed us to stand out and grow rapidly in the past few years. Our philosophy is simple: treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.


Our team is competent and considerate. We are conscientious and we will make sure there is no breakage on your property during delivery and pickup of our containers, warehouses and booths. We also make sure to leave the premises clean following our visit. A little sweep-up with the broom, a lawn in mint condition, no trash left behind; this is what doing business with Renobox is all about.


We are specialists in our field, and we offer more than just containers or warehouse rentals. Our team will concretely work hand in hand with you for the purposes of your projects, advising you on the best-suited equipment and providing guidance regarding good practices in waste collection, recycling, moves and other things. Your satisfaction is always our priority.


The equipment rented by Renobox is recent, always clean and functional, which means no rust or dirt and in case of rain, no undesirable leakage. We make sure that the product you rent is adapted to your particular needs. At Renobox, the quality of our products is a constant concern for our team, as much as the quality of our service.


How long can I keep a renovation container?

Renovation container rentals are generally made for 7 days or less (sometimes for only one day). Simply contact us once the container is full or your work is finished, and we will gladly pick it up.

Do you drop off the renovation container directly on my paved driveway? Could this damage it?

We can install the container wherever you wish for it to be installed. No matter the place, we make sure to place our renovation containers on logs in order not to damage the surface on which they lie.

What are the possible uses of an Expobox?

The Expobox is very versatile. It can be used during festivals of all kinds, and can serve as a bar, mobile restaurant, store, and much more. It can also be useful during all other types of events as an exposition stand. Thanks to its size, the Expobox will certainly make your product stand out, no matter the event.

What can be stored in a Depobox mobile warehouse?

A Depobox can store the equivalent of a large 3 ½ or small 4 ½ apartment. Therefore, you can store your furniture, appliances, belongings of all sorts, tools, and whatever else in it. However, you may not store chemical products, or oil and fuel containers.

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