The Expobox is the star of any event in which it is used. It will remarkably draw attention to your product or service, therefore being your best option.

Our exposition stand was designed to handle all types of needs in the events sector: bar, box office, restaurant, boutique, exposition stand… No matter what you have in mind for your event, temporary or mobile, the Expobox is what you need.

With the Expobox, you will be showcased while being protected from bad weather, theft or vandalism. Since it is easily lockable, leaving your stand is completely secure.

The Expobox is the perfect tool for:

  • Mobile Store
  • Exposition Stand
  • Bar, Convenience Store
  • Mobile Restaurant
  • Mobile Office
  • Ticket Booth
  • And much more

What are the advantages of an Expobox stand?

The ExpoBox Advantage


The Expobox steals the show everywhere it goes.

It allows for a massive advertising poster in front of the booth.


The Expobox is shipped at the time and place that best suits your needs.

It has two doors; one measuring 7’ x 12’ in front, and another one measuring 7’ x 7’ on the side.

The roof is translucent to let in the light.


The structure is made of steel.

The walls are made of aluminum.

Doors close with a padlock.

Completely waterproof and can withstand bad weather.


Can store your equipment (tables, counters, display cases, etc.)

Shelf-ready thanks to the anchors on the walls.

Can store a refrigerator.